Confidence is the food of the wise man, but the liquor of the fool. Vikerum, The Office

Do one small thing immediately – often this is all you need to do to get started. Brian Tracy *Don’t hesitate! What small thing will you do RIGHT NOW?

Sharks have a week dedicated to him. If he were to punch you in the face, you would have to resist the strong urge to thank him. The most interesting man in the world.

For those that have asked, this is what diving the General Butler is like.  This is someone’s video of diving that ship.  The beginning shows the decent to the bottom of the lake, then the rope line to the ship, the sign, and then around the ship at the bottom of the lake.  This wreck […]

Waves are best caught before they crest! Unknown

Diving the Horse Ferry

I got on a charter to the Horse Ferry.   They do not know much about the horse ferry other than it was probably in use between 1830 and 1840.  They think the ferry was brought into Burlington Harbor to be repaired, and either couldn’t be repaired, or was accidentally sunk near Lone Rock Point. The name […]

Lake Willoughby with Steve and Matt

I drove up to Johnson to meet up with Matt & Steve to go do a double tank dive in Lake Willoughby. After moving my gear to Matt’s truck, we made the drive from Matt’s house to the lake. Once at the lake, we assembled our gear, and made our way down to the water. […]

Double Tank Dive – OJ Walker & A.R. Noyes

I had the great fortune to be one of two people on the charter on Lake Champlain this day to the OJ Walker and the A.R. Noyes coal barge. I’ve written about the coal barge previously, and about the OJ Walker. Total dive bottom time between the 2 dives was around 1 hr 13 minutes. […]

Thompson’s Point with Ed

I met Ed down in Charlotte to dive at Thompson’s Point.  We met around 5:30 with a splash time of around 6:00.   We dove Pebble Beach, near the wall.  The Wall is the deepest part of Lake Champlain.  It is said that part of the lake is over 350 feet deep.  Ed and I […]