January 15th 2011 – Diving In Vermont, Kind Of

I met up with Matt & Dave to go diving today.  We met at the shop around 945, and everyone got suited up.  The two of them in their dry suits (wimps) and my in my 7mm wet suit, with the new rockin’ boots and gloves I bought last week. After we were suited up, […]

Diving in January in Vermont.

Matt asked me if I would like to dive today, and I of course said yes. We planned on meeting up at the dive shop at 11, then plan from there.  I was a little early, so I purchased some new gear.  I finally bought new gloves with thermal protection, and they seem to rock. […]

Yea, we are patriotic, we read the constitution.

I just saw this and think it’s funny. “The amount I get is nearly $1.1 million. $1,071,872.87, to be exact, though of course this is more back-of-the-envelope than exact. When one chamber of Congress is in session but not working, we the people still have to pay for members’ salaries and expenses, and for their […]

The only thing Denver won was the coin toss. Randy Cross after the 49ers pounded Denver 55-10 in Super Bowl XIV