When you no longer need your organs, please consider giving them to another human so you can probably save their life.

Keep in mind that while you are registered, it’s your family that will make the decision, so ensure you let them know your wishes, and let them know often. I post publicly around my birthday in February and then 5 months later around July 4th, plus I ensure those very close know my wishes.

To see where you can donate your organs:

Link to all national organizations: donatelife.net.

Alabamaalabamalifelegacy.org (2/16/2022)Montana (2/16/2022)
Alaskalifealaska.org (2/16/2022)Nebraska (2/16/2022)
Arizonadnaz.org (2/16/2022)Nevada (2/16/2022)
Arkansas (2/16/2022)New Hampshire (2/16/2022)
California (2/16/2022)New Jersey (2/16/2022)
Colorado (2/16/2022)New Mexico (2/16/2022)
Connecticut (2/16/2022)New York (2/16/2022)
Delaware (2/16/2022)North Carolina (2/16/2022)
Florida (2/16/2022)North Dakota (2/16/2022)
Georgia (2/16/2022)Ohio (2/16/2022)
Hawaii (2/16/2022)Oklahoma (2/16/2022)
Idaho (2/16/2022)Oregon (2/16/2022)
Illinois (2/16/2022)Pennsylvania (2/16/2022)
Indiana (2/16/2022)Rhode Island (2/16/2022)
Iowa (2/16/2022)South Carolina (2/16/2022)
Kansas (2/16/2022)South Dakota (2/16/2022)
Kentucky (2/16/2022)Tennessee (2/16/2022)
Louisiana (2/16/2022)Texas (2/16/2022)
Maine (2/16/2022)Utah (2/16/2022)
Maryland (2/16/2022)Vermont (2/16/2022)
Massachusetts (2/16/2022)Virginia (2/16/2022)
Michigan (2/16/2022)Washington (2/16/2022)
Minnesota (2/16/2022)West Virginiadonatelife.wv.gov (2/16/2022)
Mississippi (2/16/2022)Wisconsin health.wisconsin.gov (2/16/2022)
Missouri (2/16/2022)Wyomingdonatelifewyoming.org (2/16/2022)
Follow the link for each state, so you can register to donate your organs when the time comes.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

Winston Churchill