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Scion XB, What A Piece Of Crap

I bought a Scion XB because they are odd enough looking to be cute.  They are supposed to be good on gas, and all of that.

I will give them, that there is a ton of room inside the car, which is awesome.  We have used mine to move clients several times.  Lots of space.

The bumper design on my model has a split in the middle, with this weak piece of plastic, that is supposed to hold the bottom of the bumper on the car.  I see a lot of my models out there, and often see the same problem that my car has, the weak piece of plastic has broken loose, and is now ruining the bumper.

What a piece of crap, that’s all I have to say.  I’ve owned the car for 2 years, and notice that they have done a lot of redesigns, but I’ll never buy one, unless something huge is offered to me by way of incentives (IE, buy 1 get one free or half off or something major), like all other car manufacturers are currently doing, I’d be hard pressed to purchase another one of these cars.

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