I met Gordon and Steph for a dive at the dive shop today.   We decided that we’d go out near the US Coast Guard Dive station to do our dive in Lake Champlain.  I followed the two of them up there.  To read my blog entry about the Burlington Fishing Pier on Lake Champlain, visit my blog entry about this dive site.

I was borrowing one of Gordon’s tanks to do the dive.  Once we got there, the tank I was to use had only 2100ish PSI, so I used one of Gordon’s 63CC tanks.  The tank had an initial pressure of 2900PSI.

We all assembled our gear, then made our way to the rocks to get into the water.   We made it into the water, and kicked around the pier, then along the wall, then along the other pier.  During the dive we saw a bunch of fish, “Joe’s Office”, and found a bunch of stuff.

At one point, I was ahead of Gordon and Steph, so I started looking around, seeing what I could find.  I located a pair of shades and put them on, over my mask.  Then I noticed a cell phone.  By the time they had caught up to me, I was in a sitting position, “talking” on the cell phone, with my shades on. 

This is a great dive site for someone who wants to get in the water and do a dive real quick. There was a bunch of stuff to see, although the depth didn’t get very deep at all.  

I had a 43 minute dive time with a max depth of 17 feet.  The water temperature was around 63 degrees.  I dove with around 9 pounds of weight in my 7mm wet suit and wore my 5/7mm hood.

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