A while back, I started to recommend to all of my clients that they use Google Apps to host their email.  I have set my server to use their mail server by default, via the DNS settings.

Google Apps is a great way to use email.  Basically you use Gmail.com as their email client.  You can customize the layout to have your logo included, and use your own url for the services.

Google Apps is more than just email.  It is an online document storage system, calendar, Chat, Website Creator, and then a bunch of useful applications that you can install to your account.

Google Apps is free, unless you need a bunch of space, then they charge $50 per year per user.  When you have Phoenix Geeks, LLC (www.phoenixGeeks.com) set up your account, we set up your domain name to work with their system.

For example, for PhoenixGeeks.com’s email settings, we use http://webmail.phoenixgeeks.com, Calendar: http://calendar.phoenixgeeks.com and Docs: http://docs.phoenixgeeks.com.  By setting these up the way that we do, your system is embedded into your domain, and all aspects are easy for you to use.

You don’t have to use the email only via the web based app, you can embed the email into your Microsoft Outlook via Pop3 or IMAP.  The system is awesome.

In addition to being free, the system rocks!  They just introduced a new feature called priority inbox.  The system finds email that it thinks are priority, then puts them above the rest.  For the rest of your email, they use their spam filter, so receive their world class spam prevention.

To have Phoenix Geeks help you set up Google Apps on your domain, give us a call, or visit our website at: www.PhoenixGeeks.com.

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