Well, the economic slump hasn’t just hit Main Street, and the banks that were bailed out, and Government Motors (GM) and … and .. and …
A 30 second ad in this year’s Superbowl will cost between $2.5M and $2.8M, down from $3M.  There are several first time Superbowl ad buyers, because of the bargain.  HomeAway will have an ad during the 3rd quarter, which will be their first Superbowl ad ever.  They won’t say what they paid, but the range has been publicly announced for ads.
This year, we won’t have any Pepsi ads, nor FedEx or Government Motors (GM).
This is the second time since the inception of the Superbowl that ad rates have fallen in successive years, a sign the economy is still not fully improved.  
The final numbers will be reported after the February 7th Superbowl on CBS, but we can bet there will be a substantial pay off for all involved.  From 1990 through last year, the Superbowl generated $2.17B in network sales.  That included 1,400 commercials from 210 advertisers.  Last year’s Superbowl brought in $213M in advertising revenue, that’s just for the ads during the game.
As a side note, want to know why your taxes are so high?  Check out the 2 on air mentions and an ad during the game for the 2010 US Census for $2.5M.  Did you enjoy spending that money?  It costs each of us something like 50 cents, plus the cost of ad creation to view that ad on during the big game.
I hope the CBS management and shareholders will be OK if they only bring in $213M in advertising revenue on the big game, I’d hate to see them sleeping in boxes in the alley and such, or going hungry as 1 in 8 Americans are doing right now.

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